Zisquared Investments Inc. (Zisquared) is a private investment company, concentrating on publicly traded small cap stocks.  Zisquared applies "fundamental analysis" as a method of evaluating the stocks in an attempt to determine their intrinsic value (relative true value), by considering related economic, financial, and other quantitative and qualitative factors, as a complementing strategy of deep machine learning techniques in stock selection process. Combining new and efficient machine learning technology with fundamental research makes Zisquared unique. Zisquared targets worldwide individual or institutional investors.


Zisquared may hold long and short positions in its portfolio. Allocations to each holding may change according to the current economic environment, which may provide significant gain in every environment.



Zisquared utilizes a deep neural network algorithm as a machine learning technique to identify the patterns and drivers in stock price movements. Algorithm helps us to:

- Deal with huge and complex data easily and fast (millions of data points).

- Eliminate inefficiencies very effectively in running different parameter settings.

Zisquared initially aims to utilize a deep neural network algorithm to support its Stock Selection Process, however the platform developing will be able to run for multiple non-parametric algorithms and various investment instruments such as large cap stocks, bonds, international stocks, etc.